The Advantage and Disadvantage

The Advantage and Disadvantage between the two Networks

Globe Advantage
The Advantage of using Globe sim is its G-Live capabilities in allowing the users to activate their GPRS signal even without remaining balance. Globe sim perform perfectly and reliable features and promos to their customers. But for me this is a huge opportunity to us to avail it for free. "That's a Bad Joke!!" lol...

Globe Disadvantage
The disadvantage of using Globe sim is their short life span if you don't reload it for almost two months unlike Smart sim. The Globe Prepaid sim perform slow connection if you dont have remaining balance as PHP 1,2,3 or 4. Make sure if you browse on your phone make sure your remaining balance below 5PHP to avoid time shift charging.

Smart Advantage
The Advantage of using Smart sim is their good quality of service in terms of internet browsing. Almost perfect from call and text promos up to internet browsing promos.

Smart Disadvantage
The Disadvantage of using Smart sim are if you dont have prepaid balance, you cannot connect to the internet due to their secure connection. Smart Telecom can serve good quality service to their customers because of their Advance Tech.